Thailand & the South-East Getaways

Do you dream of long, lazy summer afternoons spent roaming among Brutalist 1960s style concrete Soviet-era apartment blocks? Or a winter wonderland, where the pollution turns the freshly fallen snow pitch-black in minutes? You will fill right at home in this alienating urban wasteland, populated by roaming packs of stray dogs scavenging for scraps. The depressing atmosphere, the long years of disappointment and hardships etched on the faces of the inhabitants, the bland, unsatisfying food, the cheap vodka that burns holes in your insides but which you drink anyway to escape the bleak reality around you – nobody will believe that you really went here willingly for a holiday. This is an excellent choice for you if you feel that you have “seen it all”, or if you are trying to impress someone cute with your unquenchable spirit of adventure.

Oh, Thailand – sorry, we were writing about Tirana. We hear Thailand is lovely this time of year, too.