Beaches and the Tropics

We are constantly amazed at the range of landscapes designated as “beach” in various parts of the world. In Bangladesh, for example the “beach” refers to a strip of oil-blackened mud along the water’s edge, occupied mostly by ship breaking companies and scrap dealers. If you have something of an industrial bent, or if you have ever yearned to own the full contents of a ship’s kitchen, this may just be the beach holiday you have always dreamed of. Those who enjoy rocks and gravel may prefer the English coast, while Somali beaches will appeal to those who have always longed for the pirate lifestyle.

Beach holidays have undergone a recent decline in popularity due to the thin layer of oil which presently covers every square inch of the world’s oceans. You will emerge from the water feeling cool and refreshed, but covered in a slick layer of petroleum, and later that night you may find yourself bleeding from your eyeballs, which does tend to reduce the pleasure factor of one’s holiday. Nonetheless, for the dedicated beach bunnies among you there are still a few options which, while not the height of enjoyment, do offer a pale simulacra of fun.

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