Canceled Flights While The Pandemic Is Going On

When you have a scheduled flight and you’re being told it’s going to be canceled due to the pandemic, what do you do?

Airline flights can be canceled for many reasons. In fact, one in seven cancellations of an airline flight is caused by a problem that is out of your hands; the plane was overbooked, there were too few seats and no room for everyone, the flight was delayed or even canceled due to weather conditions, and many other situations.

What about when it’s due to the Covid-19 pandemic? What do you do when your flight is canceled? Well, you can either simply let your flight get canceled and get a refund, or you can take the next available flight that has the same destination as your previous flight.

Booking Somewhere Else

You may try to find an airline ticket at a lower price than what you’ve been quoted by another airline. This is a risky move, as you never really know what price a flight will be when there’s a pandemic going on. It’s also most likely you won’t find one. However, it is worth the time finding out which airlines have lower prices when you compare prices online.

If you’re willing to wait, you may eventually get cheaper airline tickets online or at your local airline ticketing agency. However, if you don’t have travel insurance, the chances of getting an even cheaper deal are slim to none. If you do, and if your insurance company allows it, you can sometimes get a significant discount if you purchase a “jumbo” ticket.

Check The Fine Print

Image Source: Unsplash

When looking for airline tickets, make sure you read the fine print. You’ll probably find that some flights are canceled due to the pandemic, and you won’t be able to stay on the plane if you have an allergy or asthma or other medical condition that’s going to cause you to need medical assistance, or if you just simply can’t tolerate being in the same environment as people who have these allergies or conditions.

If this happens, you’ll probably need to reschedule to ensure you get a seat on the plane with someone who is okay, so you don’t have to risk the chance of having medical attention that may cost you thousands of dollars. Make sure you keep that in mind, especially if you’re planning on flying later on in the season or on a holiday for that tropical adventure, if travel bans have been lifted or if travel restrictions have been eased for tourists.

Most travel agencies are very knowledgeable about this subject. If you have a problem, you can generally expect a representative to help you out.