How To Send A Birthday Greeting For Your Best Friend Abroad During This Pandemic

Your best friend, who lives in another country but whom you have maintained communication with over the years, is celebrating her birthday in a week. How do you make this year special for her birthday despite the pandemic?

What better way to say thank you to your best friend, who’s been with you through ups and downs albeit being apart from you, than sending a birthday greeting? Despite the pandemic that has prevented travel and even forced quite a number of people to stay in their homes, sending your friend from another country a birthday greeting is a great way to get them excited and look forward to seeing you again for more fun and excitement. However, it is also very important that you know how to do this so that the message is effective and will not end up as just a simple, usual greeting.

Here are some pointers on sending a birthday greeting for your best friend abroad.

A Language You’re Both Comfortable Using

Make sure that you use a language that both of you can read comfortably. You can easily make this easier by choosing the country of origin in which your friend lives. If you live in America, you might find it difficult to communicate with your best friend overseas. In such a case, you might consider having a birthday greeting in English or some other common language that you can both understand easily. This will also make it easier for them to greet you when they get to your location.

Take Advantage Of Technology

You can easily send a greeting via email or even chat. Even if you are both physically close to each other, it is still much easier to send an email message or text message than it is to go through the trouble of sending a postcard, albeit that can be a good idea too. If you’re thinking of making use of the internet, why not take it up a notch and send a video message? There are tons you can do now, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the internet.

Send A Photo

Image Source: Unsplash

It is also a good idea to have a photo accompanying the message. You may find it difficult to do this, as they would have to look through the pictures that you have already sent. However, a photograph can make it easier for them to send a personalised card back. In fact, it may also make it easier for them to remember your birthday later on. No problem if you can’t seem to choose which picture to use, you can make a collage or even a slideshow with little notes.

Your Own Greeting

You may also consider writing your own message. Your recipient would appreciate it more than getting them a cute card with a ready-made message. You can start with how the two of you met and why you think she is such a great friend. As your best friend, she would definitely love some jokes too, especially ones only the two of you could relate to. You can also include a little reminder of your plans to travel around the world together.

Sending birthday greetings nowadays is a lot easier and even quicker, so taking the time to add some personal touch would definitely bring a smile to your friend’s face. Don’t let the pandemic stop you in making those close to you feel how much you care for them. And birthdays, no matter how old you are, will always be worth celebrating.