Holiday Shopping at the Flea Markets

When travelling to another town, city or even another country on vacation, shopping is always an important part of the busy itinerary of the holiday vacation.

I usually visit the flea market or hunt down art galleries or antique shops to explore for bargains and I usually try my hand at antique watches, jewelry or antique rings. From time to time, I usually get very good buys, and you must be up to your wits to haggle at the price you are comfortable of paying for the item.

I usually do my homework before I hit the flea markets or antique shops. Usually I know what I am looking for and I might as well want to get good buys from these antique stores. First is to take a look at the item, check the condition, and ask for the price.

If I am looking at a watch, I might take a look at the bracelet of the watch, the condition of the face of the watch, the glass on the watch and ask a few questions on the provenance of the watch as well. From there I can usually make a guess on the price that I would want to buy the watch.

Usually with antique rings and jewelry, I check on the condition of the item, if there are dents, taint, or discoloration. I try to identify, the stones on the ring, the metal around it if it’s silver, gold or just plain brass. Then I try to look at the period on when the item could have been make. After making a careful assessment, I then haggle with the seller of the item.

Remember buying at flea markets should not be serious and should be fun. Make your holiday vacations fun by supporting flea markets and antique shops.

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