From the Comfort of Home: Buying Maternity Wear Online In Australia

You can’t just go down to the local mall in your flannel pajama pants, sweatshirt and your hair in a messy bun. What if – heaven forbid – you run into someone you know? So you begin the tedium of getting ready to shop at the mall. ; You don’t want to look like you tried too hard, but you want to be respectful of those around you. You begin the process of showering, shampooing, conditioning, moisturizing, blow-drying and then straightening with a hot iron. You can’t go without putting some make up. Even applying minimal foundation, blush, mascara and lipstick takes an additional 15 minutes. You put on your most comfortable, but socially acceptable, maternity dress, slip on the only footwear that currently fits – flip flops, hop in the car, and drive to the mall.

You can do all of that or you can always do what sensible mums-to-be are already doing: buying maternity wear online in Australia. It doesn’t matter what you wear or what you eat or drink while you shop. You can revel in the time you have to hang out at home independently. Shopping online has a host of benefits. Look for a shop that offers fast and free shipping.

An online shop like Bump Baby & Beyond, for example, is a one-stop mamma shop: maternity and nursing clothing, nappy bags and baby wraps, Ripe Maternity Clothing, Soon Melbourne Maternity, Maternity Support Garments, Baby & Kids Clothing, Clearance sales, Angel Maternity Wear, Manduca Baby Carriers, accessories and gift wrap. You can join a community by becoming part of a Facebook group of other mothers who enjoy also buying maternity wear online in Australia.

One of the best things about the internet is that not only can you find shops that have a huge selection with a variety of styles and sizes but you can also look for discounts. A clearance outlet is a fun way to build a budgeted maternity wardrobe. Put your own personality into it and you can have a fashionable wardrobe during pregnancy. Expectant mums who plan on working need a very special set of clothes. They need to reserve the whimsical and fun look for weekends and visits from friends, and opt for office wear that is both comfortable and stylish. You also want to find a shop that will allow you to ring up a salesperson that’ll be able to help you choose, if you feel like you could use some advice and direction.

Whether you’re carrying your baby

• Big all over
• Carrying high
• Carrying low
• Tiny all over

…you’ll find clothing that flatters you. Many women have the priority of looking pregnant and not fat! This can be a challenge because pregnancy can bring with it a swollen face and ankles.

Lengthen, Don’t Widen – Opt for dark, solid colours. An example is a black tunic top paired with long black flared slacks. For extra comfort, go for black yoga pants. Draw eyes upward rather than across to deemphasize roundness. Choose coordinating flat ballet slippers.

Draperies – You can effectively layer and still opt for the lengthening effect. For example, you can wear dark maternity jeans, low-heeled boots, a cotton tank top with stretch (Lycra or Spandex), and a long, drape-y cardigan. Wear statement jewellery that will draw eyes up towards the neckline and ears.

Long Legged – If you’re carrying your baby “low,” make your stems look longer with a dark pencil skirt (consider black or even denim). Pair it with a colourful V-neck knit top, and a chunky necklace and earrings.

Empire – One of the most flattering styles, pregnant or not is an empire waist dress or top. It gives your body definition, draws the eyes upwards and accentuates your burgeoning breasts. Choose a dress with a small pattern, in a dark colour, or a top in similar colour or patterns. Pair a top with dark slacks with a slight flare or that aforementioned pencil skirt.

This is your time, and there are enough opportunities to shop in comfort at home to go out in style and fashion.