Ski Lodges in the Alps

Ski lodges in the Alps are so luxurious, so comfortable, and so warm, that you will never want to leave. It is quite possible to visit one of our Alpine sites without setting foot outside to do any actual skiing, and in fact many of our clients choose to spend their holiday in the lodge bar next to a roaring log fire, only barely aware of the mountain outside. We don’t judge.

The Knochenbrücheberg Lodge on the deservedly famous Mount Weltschmerz is one of our most luxurious and exclusive destinations. Although a roaming band of hermits armed with buckets of swamp gas wander the mountains in the region, we have had only four reported fatalities in the last year, an unusually low number. We do suggest that all clients carry a gas mask and a hermit-bashing stick at all times, but you will be so enchanted by the winter wonderland that you will barely notice this small inconvenience. The hermits will not attack you unless provoked. We have also received reports that a Japanese soldier has been living in a cave on the mountain since 1944, unaware that World War II has ended – if you spot him, please break the news gently.