Sending Christening Gifts Abroad

There is always a certain amount of satisfaction when you personally go shopping for gifts for your loved ones. The effort and time involved in shopping for presents is priceless. Nowadays though, it seems that our friends and family get increasingly spread out over time whether they are at the other end of the country or half way around the world.

With modern technology, it is easy to stay in contact with them although for special occasions such as Christenings, it is not always possible to attend, especially over long distances.

If you have a Christening coming up that you cannot attend, the next best thing is to send a gift and a card. You can do this easily by using the services of a parcel delivery company. Using these services is a quick and affordable way to deliver unique baby gifts no matter where it needs to go.

Choosing a Parcel Delivery Company

If you do a quick search on the internet, you will find that there are many companies that ship parcels worldwide. No matter how big or small your parcel is, you can send it with ease using one of the many companies that are available.

The price can vary between companies, and you will want to make sure that you choose a company that is not only cost effective but also offers excellent customer service. Price is an important factor but you should not gauge a company on price alone, as you should look at the entire package that is on offer.

It is common for companies to offer online tracking for your parcel so this is a good way to check the progress of the delivery and make sure that it arrives on time. It is even possible to get email notifications so that you are sent an email when the parcel is signed for and delivered.

Wrapping up your Gift

There are many items that you are not allowed to send through couriers. For a list of these items, you can look at the courier’s website. Usually for a Christening, it is unlikely that any items that you might send would be on this list.

When you use the services of a courier you will not be able to seal the box until the courier driver arrives to collect the parcel. The reason for this is that the driver needs to check the contents before they are dispatched, in order to make sure that the contents are safe to send. You will need to make sure that you wrap the parcel adequately, especially if the gift that you are sending is fragile. It is always better to use a bigger box so that you can have plenty of packing material inside. You want to make sure that they gift is in the centre of the box, and that the packing material wedges it in place so that it cannot move around. If the contents are fragile, you need to mark the outside of the box as such so the people who handle the box are aware. You may also need to take out additional insurance depending on the value of your gift.

Showing that you Care

No matter how big or small, cheap or expensive, your gift is, sending something for that special day will show your friends and family that you care about them. They may prefer to have your presence for the special day but a nice gift and a card with your sentiments written can show them that you are thinking of them. As well as sending a parcel to them, give them a call and have a chat with them, which lets you apologise for not being able to attend in person. The fact that you care about them is enough for most people, and it is always great to talk to loved ones