The Oldest And Most Ancient Places Around The World

Travel around the world and see what you could. Meet people and learn culture as well as their history. Have fun with what they could offer you. Visit places that have made a name for themselves and are being crowded by people as we speak. If people are crowding over it, then it must be for a good reason, yes? It became big because of tourism and that isn’t so bad. It’s been made known and now it is your turn to take a gander at it.

I am, of course, speaking about the oldest places in the world. Places that their respective countries had allowed people to visit, because they are proud of what they have.

Pyramids of Giza – Egypt

Also known as the place that start civilization. This is where people started to build things, you know? And something as simple yet SO complicated to make as a pyramid. This was made 3 millennia ago. That is basically 3000 thousand damn years. And you, a human, only live for as much as 90. Imagine how old those things are.

Stonehenge – England

A mysterious set of giant stones that not even scholars are sure of their purposes. These stones are said to have been made over 3000 years ago! Isn’t that just insane to think about? And the mystery behind why these are even here is just so mind-blogging. Could they have been a building back then? Maybe a meeting area? A mini Colosseum of England back in the day? Or are these set by giants or gods? No one knows. And the fact that NO ONE is sure just makes the Stonehenge so interesting.

The Colosseum – Italy

One of the most famous historical areas in the world. This is the place where ancient Romanians fought to the death for entertainment. We don’t get that kind of entertainment anymore, you know? At least not the kind that allows death in there. It is very old now and is probably in the middle of crumbling.

The Parthenon – Greece

Another one that is so very old yet here it still stands. This is probably due to the locals preserving it as much as they could. This is home to monuments as old as time. They are still very beautiful too and you can see the architecture’s splendid design for yourself too.

Easter Island – Chile

Have you ever seen those huge stone face statues standing next to each other in a field in Chile? Did you know that they’re apparently made from lava rock? Because they are indeed made from such. Also, fun fact and to let you know just how old they are (and yet they are STILL standing), they are said to have been built around 700 to 1100 CE. It is not only old, but also so very interesting.