Value of a Romantic Getaway

In today’s busy life, it is often difficult for couples to make time for each other. Between work, domestic chores, children, pets and the minutiae of daily life, romantic life takes a back seat. It is therefore of utmost importance for happy couples to make time for romantic getaways, free of distractions. Perhaps not too free of distractions though, or you might discover you actually hate each other, and then your romantic mini-break could ruin your entire life, and that wouldn’t be a good thing.

We have many creative and romantic ideas for holidaying couples. You may wish to consider an Underground Holiday, the ultimate in secluded romantic luxury. Book some time in our warren of underground caves and tunnels, softly lit with glowing candlelight, with many enticing dark (if slightly rocky) corners. The experience will take you right back to your evolutionary roots.

Or you may prefer to spend an unforgettable weekend in a tree-house. For couples who like to bond over some DIY, we also offer build-it-yourself tree-houses: we supply all materials and a suitably confusing, poorly translated set of instructions, and you create your own tree-top hideaway. We find that this experience becomes particularly amusing around the third or fourth hour, when even the happiest couples start to bicker, wondering if they should have just booked themselves into a nice bed and breakfast instead.

Because we understand how addictive this sport can be, we also offer products which will allow you to take your experience home with you. Why not treat yourself to a cheap snow machine from our discount store? With one of these, if you live near a park with a downhill slope, or even if you have a particularly hilly back garden, you can easily create your very own miniature ski slope wherever you are. Bring it out at parties, celebrations, barbecues , the office Christmas party or just because you can – your kids and neighbours will love you for it!For couples who feel they need to spend large amounts of quality time together, we offer the Glass Box Weekend Mini Break. Fly out to an exciting urban destination of your choice – New York, Paris, and Rome are all popular choices – where we will meet you at the airport with a chauffeured limousine, champagne and strawberries. Then, we will drive you to a mystery location, usually a busy street corner near the centre of town, where your glass box is waiting. No need to worry, the glass is fully air conditioned and you will be fed three times a day for the duration of your stay. For a small extra fee, we will load you, inside your box, onto the back of a truck and drive you past some of your chosen destination’s best-known tourist attractions.

We do suggest, however, that couples do not bring any distractions such as books or music with them. This is the ultimate in claustrophobic bonding experiences – we can guarantee that your relationship will never be the same.