Caribbean Cruises

Palm trees, rum, white sand beaches, mandatory afternoon naps and clear blue skies – who could turn down an opportunity to visit the Caribbean, even it is on a leaky boat captained by Pedro, our hunchbacked but still sprightly 92-year-old operator in this region?

Our most popular cruise package in the area begins on a small, little-known and uninhabited island. Pedro and his seventeen piece band of travelling karaoke troubadours will accompany you every step of the way, entertaining you throughout your trip with classic songs such as Mis Pantalones Están en Llamas and Querido Dios, Por Favor, Líbrame de Este Barco. By the end of the trip, you will feel like a part of the family, particularly once you give in and start singing along.

Sustenance on our Caribbean line consists mostly of bananas and as many seagulls as you can catch. Thus, an added bonus of this tour is that you will return home looking svelte and suntanned, even a little leathery, to the envy of all your friends. You may wish to pack a stash of multivitamin tablets and a small bag of limes and guavas, however, should you wish to retain your teeth for the duration of the journey.