Buying Ruby Gemstones Online: What You Need To Know

Buying Ruby Gemstones Online: What You Need To Know

Jewellery trends are in a constant state of change and since the turn of the century, custom jewellery has become very popular, as people look for unique jewellery pieces for their loved ones. You only have to look at the growing number of custom jewellers to see that personalisation is the order of the day and these amazing artists acquire the gems and precious metals from specialist dealers.

Gem Certification

As you would expect with expensive gems, certification is everything, with stones that are certified by the Gem Institute of America and when you are looking to buy ruby gemstone online, always insist on checking out the certification. For many private investors, gems are an attractive investment and learning all about this mysterious world is a lot of fun. There are many gems and the Internet is full of learning resources for those who want to learn about gems and precious stones.

Online Gem Dealers

The safest way to acquire gems is to deal with an established Australian gem wholesaler, who has access to the best stones and with trade prices, you will make a saving. This is a specialist market and if you have little or no knowledge of rubies, you need to place your trust in an established gem wholesaler. Such a company would never sell inferior or overpriced stones, which would damage their reputation within the sector, plus they are always happy to advise on any aspect of gemstones.

Custom Jewellery

The main reason a person would wish to acquire loose rubies is to commission a custom jeweller to hand-craft a piece. Indeed, the gem wholesaler would have an in-house team of custom jewellers who are ready to get to work on your project.

Knowing Rubies

One should have at least a basic understanding of rubies; one of the cardinal gems, the redness comes from the presence of chromium and the quality of a ruby is assessed using the 4C method, as with diamond grading. Cut, clarity, colour and carat are the categories that are graded and fancy, vivid rubies are very valuable and have a deep red glow, which is very appealing.

Good Long-Term Investment

Acquiring quality rubies is a good long-term investment, providing you can be sure of the stone’s quality and that’s where the online gem wholesaler comes into the equation. A vivid red ruby would make for the perfect center stone and the gem dealer can design and create the piece, using top-grade rubies.

Do Your Research

Prior to making any purchase, you need to learn more about gemstones, in particular, rubies and you also need to check that the gem dealer has a good reputation within the industry. If you are planning to have ring or necklace made, you can find everything you need from a single company, from loose stone acquisition to finishing off the piece.

As time passes, the Earth’s resources are being plundered and natural gemstones of high quality appreciate in value, making them a good investment, especially when forming part of stylish and elegant jewellery.