How To Travel Around The World With Your Best Friend

Travelling outside the country is fun and exciting all on its own. Now imagine doing it with the one friend you know more than their parents do and vice versa. The one friend you spend too much time with and will sell you to Satan for a nickel with a straight face. Yes, I’m talking about your best friend.

If there was ever someone you know you’re going to have a fun time with outside of your home country (possibly more than your lover or spouse), then it’s going to be that one person you claim to be your sister from another mother or brother from another father. And each friendship has their own brand of bucket list they want to go through. For the ultimate best friend travel bucket list, we give you this guide.

All-nighter in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is that one place where it’s partying all. The. Time. To go to Las Vegas is to commit in all the fun that either could be innocent and family friendly or downright PG-13. Depends on how you look at it, really. Word to the wise, try not to lose all your money there.

Attend a festival

Attend one that is known all over the world. One that not only has a history that dates back WAAAAAY before your grandparents were even born, but is also very grandiose and colourful. Well, it doesn’t even have to be colourful. Just experience a festival that is very unique and something that you wouldn’t think to see back where you came from. Create memories and get tons of selfies there with bestie.

Backpacking in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is home to magnificent beaches and unlimited summer. Also, the costs in the countries there tend to be on the cheaper side if you know where to look. If you want to experience a lot of things at once, you WILL backpack in Southeast Asia and drag your best friend there.

Be a kid again at Disneyland

You have to at least visit it once in your life. If your home country doesn’t have one, then make sure you get to visit one when you go to a different country just to be sure. See what the king of them park is actually like in person and experience being a kid again. There is nothing like it than actually experiencing it with your best friend.

Unleash your Otaku in Akihabara, Tokyo

Sometimes best friends become so because of one passion. Some of them happen to be their love for Japanese cartoons known as anime. Make sure you visit the anime city of Japan once you get there, yeah? See real-life anime-people cosplay in the streets, buy merchandise and posters, dine at a maid café and possibly meet your favourite voice actor.