Ski Holidays

Does hurtling down an icy mountain with sticks strapped to your feet sound like heaven? If so, you may want to consider a ski or snowboarding holiday for your next escape. Skiing holidays have it all: bitter cold, excellent whisky, adrenaline and many opportunities for ostentatious consumption.

A new offering this year is Antarctic skiing, perfect for those looking for a holiday that is relaxing and luxurious but with a survivalist edge. The Alps will feel very, very far away indeed when you emerge from your tent into the snow and ice, barely protected against the -50 degree weather and the continuous, unrelenting blizzards. Our experienced staff will be on hand to give you a mug of hot chocolate – better drink up quickly, before it freezes! – and help you put your gear on before your toes drop off. And you’re off! Watch out for lost polar bears.

The sport of airplane-skiing has also gained popularity in recent years. This entails strapping yourself to the back of an aircraft with a sturdy nylon rope, wearing specially made ski-like footgear fitted with small wheels down the middle. As the plane gathers speed down the runway, you will experience the thrill of travelling at 500mph across the asphalt. Remember to use the small pair of scissors provided to cut the rope before the plane actually takes off.

Because we understand how addictive this sport can be, we also offer products which will allow you to take your experience home with you. Why not treat yourself to a cheap snow machine from our discount store? With one of these, if you live near a park with a downhill slope, or even if you have a particularly hilly back garden, you can easily create your very own miniature ski slope wherever you are. Bring it out at parties, celebrations, barbecues , the office Christmas party or just because you can – your kids and neighbours will love you for it!