Mental Health Issues: Suitable Activities

Mental health is on everyone’s mind, at least it’s been that way for the past few years and as the COVID-19 crisis unfolded, this caused many people to experience a lot of stress in their lives. Governments around the world have been promoting mental health awareness, spreading the word that help is always available. Indeed, there are online metal health counsellors who offer virtual consultations, when a stressed person can talk to a professional counsellor.

Activities can be very helpful, and with that in mind, here are a few activities that are suitable for those with mental health issues.

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  • Professional Counselling – This is the ideal treatment for a wide range of mental health issues, as very often, the patient needs to bring out their hidden fears and emotions and sessions with a trained counsellor is the best way to do this. If a person’s life is seriously affected, perhaps a stint at an established rehab centre would be the best possible treatment. When a person has a drug problem, for example, talking in a group therapy environment is an excellent way to help the person to identify what is causing the drug dependence.
  • Playing Board Games – This can prevent the onset of dementia and other mental issues and if you are not challenging your mind, why not join a chess club, or play with other people online any game that makes you think is good mental exercise. Games like chess, go and even checkers or draughts require serious thought, and this create neuron paths. Research tells us that using your mind to play board games is beneficial for both long and short-term memory.
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  • Self-Analysis – It can be beneficial for a person with mental health issues to sit down and take an honest look at their life, which could be supervised by a professional. This can help a person to identify what it is that bothers them and with some help, they can formulate a plan to improve their life. Working with a psychiatrist, especially one that practices EMDR therapy Thailand counsellors are known for, over a period of time can have great results and you can be taught how to self-analyse, which empowers a person to discover more about themselves. The therapy is designed to uncover past hidden trauma.
  • Group Discussions – There are many online groups that hold daily online sessions where people can share their experiences and discuss issues, which are often organised by social services, plus there are special rehab centres and retreats that include group therapy. 
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There are a lot of free resources online that can help you to organise mental health activities that can assist a person who is suffering from stress-related mental health issues. Trained counsellors are also available and online counselling is a very effective way to help those with mental health problems. If someone you know is facing stress, let them know that you are always available for a chat, which is often all it takes to be able to handle the pressures of life.