The Best Locations For A New TEFL Teacher

The Best Locations For A New TEFL Teacher

Teaching is what comes to some and if it is your wish to teach the English language to other people from around the world then it is a worthy profession. Getting started can be quite straightforward and all you need to do now is to pick the country that you would like to make a difference in. There are many countries throughout the world with children who lack good educational prospects and who never really get the chance to learn the lingua franca of the world. It’s going to take a little bit of research on your part to figure out where you need it the most, but one place to start is definitely Thailand.

The first thing that you need to do is to get yourself properly qualified and so aTEFL course in Chiang Mai is a great place to start. It is a wonderful city and is often referred to as the second capital city in the north and so there is so much culture to learn about and so many different people to meet. Once you become qualified in teaching English as a foreign language then you have a number of decisions to make with regards to where it is that you would like to teach. This article attempts to give you some ideas as to the best places to go and work where you can make the most difference.

Countryside Schools

These schools find it incredibly difficult for foreign teachers to locate there and so there is a great shortage of competent professionals prepared to go. If you really want to make a difference in young people’s lives, then this is summer where you really should consider. If you want peace and quiet and to be surrounded by beautiful scenery, the countryside schools are definitely the place to go to. The people who work there, are incredibly friendly and the people in the villages will be very happy to see you.

After-school Language Schools

There are many of these kinds of schools dotted all around the country of Thailand and so you really just have to figure out where it is that you want to live for a period of time. You can always teach in the capital Bangkok, but the price of living there is much higher than many places in the north of the country.

In Temple Schools

These are schools set up by the local Buddhist monks to provide much-needed education to the local people and so this is a very worthwhile place to start your TEFL career. The kids here very seldom see foreigners as they never go on vacation to tourist hotspots and so this will all be very new and exciting for them. You will be very much appreciated and you will get to learn not only about the culture of that particular area, but you will get to learn about the spiritual side of life as well. These are three excellent places to start when considering where it is that you would like to begin your teaching career and there are numerous more.